Siem Reap Vistior Guide 59th



Cambodia Country Calling Code : 855 Siem Reap Province Area Code : 063

Exchange rate: US$1=~4060KHR (May 2019)

Telephoning Telephoning is easy in Cambodia. If you don’t have your own phone, the internet shops and most guest- houses offer internet phone. If you have a phone you can pick up a Cambodian SIM card with phone num- ber and internet access at any of the many phone shops scattered across town and even on arrival at the airport. At stands just outside the arrival terminal SIM cards (with telephone number and internet access) are available for as little as US$1 or even for free. You’ll need a passport and valid visa to buy a SIM card. Phone shops offer services including SIM cards and phone sales, repairs, unlocking and accessories. Phones aren’t particularly inexpensive in Cambodia, but you can still get a cheap one for as little as $15. iPhone Service KH "Look no further if temple town has taken its toll on your device" Full Apple product servicing and repairs, iphones, ipads and computers. Stocking a range of Apple products and accessories. Will accept trade-ins. #Wat Bo Road (D-4) Tel: 093-503011 Internet Siem Reap offers what is probably some of the most widely available free WiFi in Southeast Asia - at restau- rants, bars, coffee shops and most hotels and guest- houses. Public internet shops, though not as common as they used to be, can still be found in the tourist areas, running about 2000R-4000R/hour. Post Office Located on Pokambor Av. (river road, west side of the river) Open 7:00-5:30 everyday. Offering reliable gen- eral postal & parcel ( EMS ) services. Philately enthusi- asts take note , sets of modern and historic Cambodian postage stamps are on sale in the lobby.

Though Cambodian riel (R) is the official currency, US dollars are used as commonly used as riel. Most tourist oriented businesses set their prices in US dollars. Though the exchange rate varies over time, it has hovered near


4000R to the dollar for several years and many small businesses treat 4000R as the de facto rate regardless of today’s exact exchange rate. All Cambodian currency is in the form of paper notes. Currently the country does not employ coins. Notes range in denomination from 100-100,000 riel. 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 riel notes are the most common and useful denominations. When accepting US dollars in exchange or in change, inspect the bills carefully. Marred riel is acceptable ten- der, but the tiniest tear in a large US note renders it worthless in Cambodia. ATMs ATMs are located across town with several at banks along Sivutha Blvd and around Old Market area. All ATMs accept Visa and most also accept Cirrus, Plus, Maestro, and MasterCard. Unless you have a Cambodian bank account, all ATMs dispense in US dollars. Credit Cards Visa and MasterCard ( MC ) are the most widely accepted credit cards in Cambodia. AMEX, JCB cards, the ANZ Bluespot card and the ACLEDA Gold Dot card ( GD ) are accepted at many places. Some business- es charge a 2%-4% fee on credit card payment. Travelers Checks Travelers checks are still accepted at some banks and hotels, but there are fewer places all the time. AMEX in US dollars are the most widely accepted travelers checks. Banks Banks provide currency and travelers check exchange, credit card advances, telegraphic transfers and all usual banking services. Most banks are open from 8:00AM to 3:00PM or 4:00PM, Monday through Friday. Some banks are open Saturday mornings until 11:30.

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