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Practically speaking, Cambodia has four seasons: 1) December-February, cool and dry; 2) March-May, hot and dry; 3) June-August, hot and rainy (monsoon season); 4) September-November, cool and dimin- ishing rain. As we go to print in May it's the middle of the dry sea- son and the hot season is now in full swing. It is offi- cially the low tourism season but weather-wise it is still a fairly good time to visit the country - hot but rain-free temple touring weather. Ordinarily, the dry-hot season brings mid-day tem- peratures in the mid-30s, cloudless hazy skies and occasional afternoon showers known as 'mango showers,' (brief rains said to help the mangos ripen.) So far this year the hot season has been particularly warm all across Southeast Asia including Cambodia, setting records in some areas, with temperatures exceeding 40C some days. Prepare accordingly when visting the Angkor ruins - wear light covering clothing, bring a hat or umbrella, sunglasses, sun- block cream, and drink plenty of liquids. Like the building heat of the hot season, the mango showers will build in intensity until the monsoon season rains begin in late May or June. And with the rains, the heat will eventually begin to taper off.

Country Name: The Kingdom of Cambodia Country Name in Khmer language: Kampuchea Motto: Nation - Religion - King Capital City: Phnom Penh Language: Khmer (Cambodian). Some English and French. Population of Cambodia: 16.48 million (2019 est.) Important/Major Cities: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kampong Cham Major Rivers/Lakes: Tonle Sap River, Mekong River, Bassac River, Tonle Sap Lake Ethnic Groups: Khmer, ethnic-Chinese, Cham, ethnic-Viet- namese, several ethnic minorities (hill tribes) in the northeast. Bordering Countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam Intl Airports: Phnom Penh (PHN), Siem Reap (REP) Religion: Theravada Buddhism, Islam (Cham,) Animism 

Land Area of Cambodia: 181,035 km 2 Land Area of Siem Reap: 10,299 km 2 Currency: Riel (US$1=~4000R) Voltage: 220v/50Hz Time: GMT +7 hours  Country Calling Code: 855 Internet TLD: .kh

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